UNION SC 29379
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Bulk Bag : Holder and Dispenser

Bags: 28" to 43" width

This new adjustable width bag holder will accept a variety of bulk transfer bags and will enable the transfer of the contents to a hopper for easy batching. The adjustable width of the arms can easily handle bag weights from 800 to 1500 lbs. Bags are placed by conventional fork lift.

The hopper has a small control outlet which discharges to a trough fitted with a conveying vibrator. It can easily dispense 12 lbs per minute of dry powder plastic resin.

Weigh batching resin by tare weight is simple and accurate.

Bulk Bag
1200 LB Dispenser
with Batching Scale

12' or 16' Models 

The units shown are under 12'-0" high. Also available are units 16'-0" high which extend the capacity of the frame to enable the dispensing of the entire contents of a 1200 lb bag at one time - this may eliminate a return trip for the forklift operator.

The deciding factor is available overhead clearance (ceiling height) only.


Shown without bag and also with a bulk bag ready for discharge. The weigh scale can be ordered on either side as required by your operation. Scale supplied can measure up to 70 lbs of resin and as shown can discharge to a bucket 16" high.

Vibrator operates on 120VAC @ 1 amp and is switched at the support column. The scale operates on three AA cells or the 120V plug-in power adapter (provided).

Cut your batch preparation time.
Dispenses at a rate of 12 lbs per minute