The urn is easily emptied, cleaned and returned to service. The wind cap is both decorative and keeps
the cigarette butts out of the wind and in the ashtray.

All smoking materials placed in all ashtrays and urns will produce some objectionable smoke until the butts
are completely extinguished. Provide alternate waste disposal for papers and combustibles to discourage
disposal of these materials in the ashtrays. Place urns in a well ventilated areas away from building air intakes.

The exposed aggregate ash trays and break units are also shown. Easy maintenance and long service life are customary
with these heavy duty units.



with tray insert


Receptacle with tray insert



 Size:14" diam. x 24"H
14" aluminum ash tray
river rock or granite

  Size:14" x 14" x 24"H
10" aluminum ash tray
river rock or granite


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