SQUARE RECEPTACLES - QR - a Heavy Duty Receptacle
A stronger design with reinforcing side flutes, this receptacle will outlast
anything else in the marketplace. Available in all colors, this receptacle is also the
base for several specialty applications such as removable cores for Metal Frames,
Recycle Stations, Service Island Utility Container, wheeled carts and the Shop Dolly unit.
The addition of Granite and Sandstone finishes to the line-up adds texture to outdoor placements.

This receptacle comes with a five year replacement warranty against defects and color fading.
Available in 40 colors with mix and match capability for tops and accessories.




a Drop-in Top

 40gal receptacle-drop-in top

a Rain Shield Top

 40 gal receptacle-rain shield top

a Spring Door Top

 Size: 20x20x33"H
40 gallon cap
shown in Blue top/White bas

 40 gal receptacle-door style top

a Closed top

40 gal container-closed top

  Size: 20x20x39"H
40 gallon cap shown
in Brown top/ Sandstone base

a "Service Unit with Extended Top

40 gal service unit-extended top

  Size: 20x20x38"H
40 gallon cap shown
in Dark Gray top/Granite base


 Size: 20x20x32"H
40 gallon cap
shown in Tan top & Base

 rainshield top with ash tray


 Size: 20x32x39"H
25 gallon cap
shown in Dk Blue Base
with Red Extended Top for use at service windows

with 6" Dolly Wheels
the "Shop Dolly"

 Ash tray in top
10" diam spun aluminum

40 gal cart with drop-in top 

with Dolly Wheels
the "Utility/Cleaning Cart"

65 gal cart - open top

Anchor Clip

 anchor plate for plastic receptacles

 2 x 6" Polyolefin wheels
on Steel Axel
(also available in open style)

 One or two may be used.
Fits 3/8" anchor bolt -Sold in pairs

  2 x 4" Urethane wheels
& 2 X 3" casters on Steel Axel

fits all QR40 Bins
the "mobility add-on"
   swivel dolly for 40 gal receptacles                

 4 x 2" swivel casters
on separate fitted base


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